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Learning Management Systems (LMS) help instructors organize and conduct classes online or they assist corporations in training employees. Take your classroom, or in-person training sessions and modules, to the virtual world with a cloud based LMS. You can upload documents and assignments; create quizzes and even entire courses for students and employees to work through on their own. Supplement your self-paced learning with live classes as you see fit.

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A Learning Management System for Businesses

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Consistent Employee Training

  • Every job is constantly changing. Help your employees improve their skills with regular training sessions.
  • Create training modules that accommodate different learning styles through self-paced modules, or live virtual sessions, or a blend of both.

Customized Courses

  • Create your courses or modules with different content such as videos, downloadable documents, live sessions, and quizzes for a true learning experience.
  • Keep organized and up to date with the calendar and notifications.
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Provide an Engaging Student Experience

  • Create an experience that engages the learners and employees.
  • Live sessions, quizzes, and our interactive whiteboard all help create a learning environment that engages students and enhance their learning.

Observe efficiency of your programs

  • Generate different reports to gain insights into how your learners or employees are doing. See how each course is going, who your top-performers are and more.
  • Track progress of learners and employees and provide feedback to them.
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LMS for Every Industry

Provide quality education, train employees and improve team skills.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Integrate Edusity with your school for a unique virtual teaching experience. Upload course content, assignments, and create quizzes to engage students.

Fitness and Wellness

Create fitness courses that consumers can follow along with on their own.

Real estate

Create prep courses for up and coming real estate agents to use as practice for their licensing tests.

Coaching classes, Private tuitions etc.

Host private one-on-one sessions with clients or students. Add content for them to follow along with and learn on their own.

Corporate companies

Create employee training modules for regular training sessions. Help your employees improve their skills often that will benefit the company in the long term.

Healthcare education and training

Create health and wellness modules for consumers and other healthcare professionals to access and learn from.

Clients Who Trust Us

Functional LMS for a Better Workforce

Edusity’s LMS platform can easily be integrated within your business. We provide a unique experience that will benefit your business and employees greatly.

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What Clients Say
Future Black Female

“Future Black Female creates opportunities for Black female youth to fully participate in every aspect of society. Edusity was on-board with our mission and purpose from the moment we were introduced. Their platform supports the delivery of our program events to maximize participation and participant voice.”


Tutor Doctor

“Tutor Doctor knows that students face challenges and learn to overcome them with hard work and determination. Edusity showed us our own values by dedicating themselves to our business with a determination to meet the unique demands of virtual tutoring.”


Cyber Host

Cyber Host Education needed a platform partner that understood exactly what was required to bring instructors and students together with the highest degree of interactivity. Edusity is that partner for our company.



Yes! You can use Edusity to host your classes online. Create content, share presentations, host interactive live sessions, create break out rooms and even upload content for students to access.

You can integrate Edusity’s platform with your website or services to demo products, teach your customers about different services, or even host special events.

For Edusity to determine if they are able to support the size of your organization, you would need to contact us for a demo and discussion. We assess your preferences and needs to determine if we can help you promote and offer better services to your customers.

Edusity’s support team offers quick responses to help solve your problems as quickly as possible. We offer technical support on all aspects of our platform and can be reached atsupport@edusity.comor through our live chat atwww.edusity.com.

Yes! We recommend that you contact us for a demo and discussion about your needs and requirements from our platform. Our demo walks you through the platform so you can see how easy and efficient it is to use and navigate it.

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