K-12 E-learning Solutions at Edusity

Easy-to-use educational platform for children

Bringing school and home together

Our easy-to-use online learning platform for children allows you to connect with your students no matter where they are

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    Learning can be boring. Edusity platform provides innovative tools like polls, quizzes, private and public chats and emoji use to make learning more fun.

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    Traditional learning focuses on cramming information and often can be counter-productive. Information can quickly become irrelevant and outdated. Online learning helps children make learning a lifestyle and allows to develop critical life skills.
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    Online learning allows instructors to work with every learning style and communicate with learners that are not comfortable sharing information face-to-face.

    Edusity can help you move towards adopting new approach to teaching, which meets the learning needs of students who do not approach new information in a systematic or linear fashion.

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    Reach students anywhere in the world without geographical boudnaries. Students have access to all the resources and past webinar 24/7/365.

Create a K-12 virtual academy that fits every child’s learning style

Visual Learning Style

These students can visualize information and have a good sense of direction. Using Edusity whiteboard is a great idea for this type of learner who usually likes to draw and doodle.


Kinesthetic students learn best when all their senses are fully engaged in what is in front of them. Keep lectures short, use polls to ask questions, and navigate to other websites to explore with students.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learners indicate emotion through the tone, pitch, and volume of their voices. Use Edusity webcam and video functionality and share videos/Youtube links for this type of learner.


Use our Shared Notes feature to create lists, notes and use text and words. Allow students download material from your presentation to read on their own. Create multiple choice quizzes - reading/writing students will excel at them!

What to consider when choosing an online e-learning platform for children?

  • Ease of Use

  • Friendly Interface

  • Interactive & Live Sessions

  • Privacy & Security

  • Content Security

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