Enhanced UI/UX

Edusity 2.0 will connect learners to instructors and their materials more quickly than ever. You’ll see it in our streamlined registration and login processes. Gamification will make it more fun. You’ll see it in our freshly re-designed dashboards that show you your progress in all your courses at a glance. You’ll see it in the way Edusity’s cloud architecture and storage responds to fluctuations in your bandwidth and internet connection.


We’re still bringing the entire world of knowledge to your living room. Edusity 2.0 will bring it to you in multilingual formats so you can learn in the language of your choice. Whether you’re learning to cook the specialties of France, reading the Russian classics or visiting Greek or Latin roots of language, we’ve got experts from around the globe ready to teach you in their own language.


We’re removing barriers. The new system will be fully compliant with AODA, Section 508 and ADA standards to accommodate the needs of every learner. The new system will feature flexible and expansive navigation and text to speech functionality.