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The Employee Training Platform by Edusity:

The corporate LMS to deliver your online employee training

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    Simplify your training

    Create online training webinars and LMS courses for corporate learning in minutes.

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    Complete control over your content

    Full customization and complete control over your corporate e-learning platform with your company name on it.

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    Sell your courses

    Sell your company courses on our platform.

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    Real world like classrooms

    Run your training sessions more efficiently with our Virtual Classrooms.

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    Personalized learning portals

    When your employee logs on to Edusity platform they will be able to see the courses they signed up for and their progress.

Shift from Traditional On-Site Training to an E-Learning Platform for Companies

Put your employees in the driver's seat

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Employees would stay longer if the company invested in their education.*1


Employees feel that they are not achieving their full potential at work.*2


Employees Cost
of Ineffective Training.*3


Employees prefer to learn at their own pace.*4

    Look at how corporate learning and development has changed! Regularly scheduled in-person training sessions no longer work. Your employees are demanding access to virtual training and online professional development on the go. Combining live online lessons with video-on-demand and interactive tools gives employees the flexibility they need and want. Employee training and development software suites has been replaced by Edusity, the online employee training platform.

    That’s why Edusity is the employee training platform you need.

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Edusity knows managing your employee development system must be secure, scalable and affordable. Edusity is the cloud-based LMS platform to help you deliver virtual employee training in real time and at your employees own pace.

Our digital learning platform supports you and your needs through our customization potential, stream-lined business operations, our customer relationship management and tech support services.

A Learning Management System for Businesses

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Our end-to-end encryption protects the privacy of your employees’ training records and achievements while offering them security when interacting in our virtual learning environment. Our cloud-based storage security keeps your intellectual property safe too. The videos, documents, presentations and interactive exercises you will use to populate your online virtual employee training sessions will be safely maintained for one group of employees after another.


Virtual learning in employee training and development is here to stay. As your organization grows, so will your needs for online employee compliance training and online learning management. The Edusity platform will help you keep new and existing student profiles, progress reports, courses and curriculum requirements organized in one easy-to-use tool. The Edusity dashboard system offers custom views for administrators and managers, learners and instructors to engage in at-a-glance monitoring.

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When you become an Edusity corporate LMS client, you pay only for the number of accounts you need and the storage you require when you need it. Our customization packages are specific to your corporate branding and our tech support packages are designed according to the needs of your company learning community. Edusity is the only LMS to be completely transparent about its pricing. In fact, you can check out our prices by clicking here.

Edusity is a learning management system for companies like yours. Virtual employee training and compliance education is our goal. We are not an alternative to Zoom or other video conferencing and meeting tools because they were not built for education and training alone. Contact us to see the difference focus makes.

Click here to book a demo of the Edusity corporate learning management platform.

Contact our team to talk about how we can support your company’s employee compliance training, online employee coaching and your corporate learning and development.

What Clients Say
Future Black Female

“Future Black Female creates opportunities for Black female youth to fully participate in every aspect of society. Edusity was on-board with our mission and purpose from the moment we were introduced. Their platform supports the delivery of our program events to maximize participation and participant voice.”


Tutor Doctor

“Tutor Doctor knows that students face challenges and learn to overcome them with hard work and determination. Edusity showed us our own values by dedicating themselves to our business with a determination to meet the unique demands of virtual tutoring.”


Cyber Host

Cyber Host Education needed a platform partner that understood exactly what was required to bring instructors and students together with the highest degree of interactivity. Edusity is that partner for our company.


Disclamer: Above numbers and percentage are taken from some external sources for reference purpose. *1 | *2 | *3 | *4

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